Coffee with Stacey: TNNA & Social Media with Stefanie from Stitchcraft Marketing

As we chatted about last time, I spent this weekend at TNNA, a needlework industry conference. I had so much fun!

I chatted to oodles of people and found some great new materials for the Kit Club… I’m jumping out of my skin with excitement!

Let’s chat social media!

I asked what you guys wanted to hear… and there was a request for some interviews on Coffee with Stacey! You ask, I deliver!

So, for today’s chat, check out me and Stefanie from Stitchcraft Marketing! We’re a bunch of fun!

Some more photos…

I did a photo shoot with the amazing photographer Gale Zucker. Here’s a quick photo she snapped with her phone while on the shoot:

Gale Zucker Photography

Can you imagine how great the real photos are going to be?

I also got the chance to meet Jackie from Woolbuddies… he’s such an artist and total hero of mine!

Jackie from WoolBuddy

And I had a great book signing!

Modern Baby Crochet book signing

Be sure to chat with me!

I know video is a little one-directional, but I’d love hear from you!

Let me know what you think in the comments of this blog post or in the Coffee with Stacey thread in the FreshStitches Ravelry Group! Come and keep chatting!