Video: How to knit socks on 9″ circulars

6 replies on “Video: How to knit socks on 9″ circulars

  • Margaret

    So many,many thanks Stacey this video is a very
    big help for me! Now I really going to find a 9″. It will fit in my purse
    And a perfect knit on the go project

  • Karen Strybos

    Can’t wait to try 9″ needles Stacey! Were can I get a pair. I’m a bit miffed about hoe to follow a sock pattern using these needles. I guess when you start it will all fall into place.

  • Mary

    Hi, Stacey! I’m an avid sock knitter (probably 100 pairs and counting). I’ve knit them with double points, two circulars and magic loop, but have never tried the 9″ circular method. Your video has inspired me to order a 9″ 2.25 circular needle and I’m going to go for it! :)

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