Yarn & Craft Newsletter: welcome!


I spend most of my day paying attention to what’s happening in the yarn world. Finding out about new products. Spotting great new tutorials in knitting and crocheting. Petting great yarns.

I often share these findings on twitter, instagram, Ravelry, facebook, Periscope, or… wait, are you tired yet?

You see, I think we’re all suffering from information overload. There are A MILLION different places to get information. And since I’m already spending my day reading it all, how about I compile a list of some amazing things for you? So you don’t have to go digging around everywhere? Sound like a plan?

Yarn and Craft Newsletter from FreshStitches

If you’re an industry professional, then Yarn Market News is your place to go. And The Craft Industry Alliance is well worth the subscription price. But this little newsletter is for normal (i.e. non-professional) folks who like yarn. And sometimes other crafts.

We’ll see how it goes! As always, this blog is my biggest work-in-progress, so I appreciate any feedback! I picture this newsletter as the natural next step for this blog. I’ve already made oodles of tutorials, and nowadays, thousands of crafters are creating great content. I wrote a couple years ago about how blogging has changed since I started. And it’s still changing. Now it’s time for me to use my expertise to cultivate great content for you.

World Events: Brexit

In case you haven’t turned on the news, the UK voted to leave the EU, sending the British currency tumbling. The silver lining is that if you’re outside of the UK, it’s like an automatic 10% discount on anything British! Now is the time to shop for British indie patterns on Ravelry. I took the chance to purchase a few goodies from Laura Howard’s Sample Sale on Instagram.

Fiber Events

  • The AmiAlong ends July 3rd. A number of great amigurumi designers are involved: use the code AMIALONG for 25% off all participating patterns (including mine!)
  • The Ravellenic Games preparation is underway! If you don’t have a team yet, feel free to join ours!
  • Stitches Midwest is August 4-7th! Did you see my pic for my new Crocodile Stitch class?
  • CGOA (Crochet Guild of America)’s show is July 13-16th in North Charleston, SC. Will you be there?

Great Tutorials and Links

Products and Reviews

What are you up to? I’m knitting a Vitamin D in Euroflax linen in a gorgeous turquoise. Yum.
Blue is totally trending. I even started a new aqua Pinterest board.

More great reading

Let me hear from you!

I hope you have a fantastic 4th of July! I wrote on Instagram about a big goal I have, and I’ve gotten so many comments! What’s a big goal for you?

Please do tell me what you think about this format!


9 replies on “Yarn & Craft Newsletter: welcome!

  • Chloe

    Hey, Stacey!
    Personally, I love all this information gathered in one place, so, yay for the new format!
    Just a couple of things on the Ami-along;
    -the sale ends on July 3rd, but the Ami-along keeps on till the end of August, it’s an all-summer event!
    -the discount code is AMIALONG2016
    Good luck on your race!
    Take care

  • Olena

    Hi Stacey! I love the new format and love the compilations! Everything in one place. I’m interested in what else is trending and business information. As always, love your work!

  • Paula

    Thank you so much for all the information you have shared here..
    I myself find it very helpful and hope you will continue doing this..

    • Stacey

      Thank you! I appreciate hearing that! The to-the-point format makes it quicker for me to write, too! Which means I can share more often :)

  • Isabelle

    Hi Stacey,

    Really interesting information. Thanks for sharing. I love the ‘to the point” format too. ;)

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