Get a Yarn Skein Necklace for the holidays!

Remember that time when I collaborated with Mei of Tiny Hands Jewelry to bring you… exclusive Yarn Skein Necklaces?

Yarn skein necklaces from FreshStitches

They were super-popular and flew off the shelf (well, actually, out of the clay, I guess…).

And now that the holiday season is coming up, I knew folks who missed out would want to grab one. Or maybe you already got one and you love it so much that you know a necklace would make a great gift for a friend. So, I begged Mei to make them available again. (You see, craft-related necklaces aren’t really what Mei usually does. And she’s uber-busy with her own products at this time of year.)

Yarn Skein Necklaces

And she agreed!

Yarn Skein Necklaces are now available until November 1st! Each piece is made to order, and they will ship by November 16th- plenty of time for gift-giving time, even for international folks!

This is the last time these necklaces will be available in 2015. You won’t see them in my Black Friday sale. Nope, they won’t pop up for a ‘last minute’ holiday gift idea in December. If you want one, you need to order it now!

Individual and Bundles Available!

Each necklace is handmade from polymer clay, and they’re available in 7 freshstitches-selected colors: pink, red, orange, yellow, lime, blue and purple. And each color has its own yummy scent! Squee!


You’ll want to hop on over to the listing page to grab your favorite color!

But what if you can’t choose? What if you want the whole rainbow? No worries! You can get the entire rainbow bundle for a deal! It’s like getting 2 skeins for free and then some!

Rainbow Yarn Skeins necklace from FreshStitches

Order yours, now!

These skeins are made exclusively for freshstitches, and are available for order through November 1st.

Necklaces are all ready for gift-giving, since they come in a pretty gift box! Yay!
Tiny Hands packaging

Like I said, you don’t want to dilly dally. If you have a yarny friend on your list or just want to treat yourself, then now’s the time! I’d like for these necklaces to become a semi-regular feature, but we don’t have a new release scheduled (and it definitely wouldn’t be before spring 2016), so you want to make sure you get one!

Here’s a little video that I made last time… have a peek if the necklaces are new to you!

4 replies on “Get a Yarn Skein Necklace for the holidays!

  • Susan Smart

    I’m so tickled that these are available again. There is a small group in the college where I work who make knitted and crocheted items that become part of the silent auction that helps supply funds for our veterinary students to attend a national convention. I think that these will make fun gifts for the ladies in the group.

  • Laurel

    I usually don’t jewellery but these little skeins are so cute.
    I went to the designers site to look at the other designs & they remind me so much of my holidays in the US.

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