Yarns for my new book have arrived!

Okay, so I can’t tell you many details about the new book that I’m writing… (but you can guess that it’ll feature some pretty cute crochet, right?!?)

I can tell you that I’ve ordered some yarns… wanna have a peek at what’s in the boxes that have been arriving on my doorstep this week?

Some of the colors are bright:

And some of the colors are more neutral:

Aren’t they all beautiful!?!

So, these guys are my works-in-progress for the next few months: I’ve got to crochet 2 projects a week from now through the fall to complete the manuscript on time! Wish me luck!

13 replies on “Yarns for my new book have arrived!

  • Paula @ Knit and Seek

    Luck! Also, excellent job you have when you get to order all that gorgeous yarn and call it work. I’m a teeny bit jealous, but keeping my fingers crossed that you can hold your pace and keep ahead of the deadline monster!

    • Stacey

      Thank you so much, everyone, for your fabulous compliments! I’m so excited about this book, and will show you snippets as I go along! Can’t wait to share it all with you!

  • Lucia

    OMG that second set! I have that yarn!! omg soo cool! I didn’t know I used a yarn you use 8D..
    I have to admit, i can’t wait to see what you do with the homespun white in the forth pic!

  • Rae Haller

    Okay, these are lovely Stacey. What yarns are these? I love the bold colored ones best. I can see a few of the neutral colors are Martha Stewart, but what are the others. I might want to try them. Also wondered if you considered making a kit of just the yarns needed for your Amis? I like having the patterns, so I may already have that, but I would like to try the various yarns you say are so nice. I guess I can just splurge and buy a kit, even if I already have the pattern. Please let us know what yarns these are. Thanks so much, Rae

    • Stacey

      Hi Rae-
      There are a variety of yarns pictured, but some are: Spud and Chloe Sweater, Cascade 220 Superwash, Lion Brand Nature Cotton, and Vickie Howell’s Sheepish!
      Go ahead and send me an email about the kits! (stacey@freshstitches.com)

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