Rainbow Yarn Skeins Necklace Bundle


Show off your love of yarn with this exclusive line of jewelry. Handmade from polymer clay by Tiny Hands, exclusively for FreshStitches!

Can’t pick a favorite color? Get the whole rainbow! This necklace bundle features all 7 fabulous skeins! All seven charms will be featured on one chain, and presented in a lovely box.

These necklaces are only available until November 1st!

Sold separately, this necklace would cost $144. With this bundle, you’re getting 2 charms for free!

Each charm is handmade. Two colors of clay carefully blended so that the necklace looks like it has plies: just like a real skein of yarn! No detail is overlooked!

Each charm is also scented (a Tiny Hands trademark!)… a yummy yarn treat (Pink: strawberry, Red: cherry, Orange: orange, Yellow: lemon, Green: lime, Blue: blueberry, Purple: grape).

Yes! You can order the charms individually! Head on over to this listing to do that!

These necklaces are made to order. All orders will ship by November 16th, in plenty of time for the holidays!

Out of stock

Out of stock