Magic Balls

Self-Striping Yarn Wonderful-ness!

Magic Balls from FreshStitches

What’s a Magic Ball? It’s a fabulous multi-color skein of yarn… assembled with Russian Joins so that there are no knots!

My last Magic Ball update was over a year ago, and they sold out fast!. They are very time intensive to make, and so I don’t do an update very often!

I had a blast making these fun balls… I think you’re going to love them!

Rainbow Magic Balls from FreshStitches

These super-fun balls are a self-striping yarn.


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I’ve made these Magic Balls using leftovers from my own collection, kit making and bargain yarns I’ve spotted… and even though I have a lot of leftovers… there’s a limit!

Each Magic Ball is only $18, and are available in either the Rainbow colorway or Neutral Colorway. The exact color combination you get, though, will be a mystery… that’s all part of the fun!

Check below for more FAQ’s.


Gah! My fave is Sold Out! Will there be more? I’ll be listing more batches of magic balls periodically… I have to build up the scraps! But there will be more!

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What’s the thickness of yarn? Will I get all different thicknesses? These Magic Balls are made using only worsted weight yarn, so they will be suitable as substitutes for a medium-weight yarn project. However, due to the different yarns used, there may be slight variation in thickness.

Rainbow gradient yarn

How much yardage will I get? Each Magic Ball is approx 220 yards. Perfect for a one-skein project like a hat or cowl.

What colors are in the Magic Balls? Can I pick my favorite one? The Rainbow Magic Balls each contain all of the colors of the rainbow, but the exact shades vary. The Neutral Magic Balls contain neutral colors like brown, grey, tan, black and navy.

Each Magic Ball is different, and the mystery about the exact colors in the ball is part of the fun! I cannot honor specific requests about which ball you will receive.

How long are the colors? Each color is about 25 yards, and each Magic Ball contains 9 color changes. You will want to aim to select a project that uses as much as the skein as possible, so that you will see the full spectrum of colors.

Rainbow Magic Balls from FreshStitches

What’s the content of the yarn? Since these are primarily leftovers from my kit making, the yarn is mostly 100% wool, although other fibers (such as cottons, alpaca or acrylics) may appear.

Is the Magic Ball machine washable? Due to the high content of wool, this yarn is not machine washable. Treat any item you make with this yarn the same way you would treat a hand-wash-only wool.

Is the yarn in the Ravelry database? Yup! It’s here, so feel free to add it to your online stash.


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