Rainbow Monster Crochet Pattern

Meet Roy the Rainbow Monster

Who doesn’t love rainbows? And seriously… who can resist that tooth?

Roy, the Rainbow monster, is crocheted with leftover scraps of yarn! He’s a great stash buster!

You can also use a variegated yarn… and he’ll look totally adorable without you needing to change colors!

Roy measures 11” tall when completed with worsted weight yarn, but can be made bigger or smaller by using thicker or thinner yarn!

Materials Required

2 colors of yarn required to crochet size H crochet hook 5.0mm tapestry needle polyester stuffing 12mm black animal eyes

Leftover bits of yarn, totaling 240 yards plus 5 yards of black used for this pattern. Small square of white felt and glue also required. This pattern can be used with any weight yarn, but plan on using more yardage for bulkier yarns.

Skills Required

single crochet increase in crochet changing colors in crochet single crochet attaching stuffed animal parts

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2 replies on “Rainbow Monster Crochet Pattern

  • Sue Callahan

    I am unable to add the Monster pattern to my cart. I tried on my computer and my phone. Is there a glitch? Should I try it on Ravelry?


    • Stacey

      Hi Sue! I’m sorry you’re having trouble! I just tested it, and it seems to be working… maybe you have pop-ups disabled?
      In any case, yes, you can grab it on Ravelry just the same :)


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